Friends & Family

At Edovo, our mission is to provide daily education and rehabilitation for every incarcerated person. We offer a comprehensive platform that breaks down the barriers between your loved one and the vast digital education and rehabilitation resources available today. Support your loved one taking positive steps through Edovo now.


What is Edovo?

Edovo is a tablet-based education and rehabilitation program for people who are incarcerated. With Edovo, your incarcerated loved ones will have access to self-guided courses in:


Academics from basic reading, writing, and math through GED and college equivalency

Job skills

Job skills and preparation to help get and succeed in a job

Life skills

Life skills and religion to help change mindsets and behavior and take positive steps


How it Works


We provide all hardware, connectivity, and software or integrate with existing hardware


Learners can check out any tablet to create an account or pick up where they left off


Self-directed, goal-driven learning pathways allow everyone to go at their own pace


Certificates and rewards drive progress to show to staff, courts, and future employers


Let your facility know about Edovo

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